Insurance Premium Funding

What is Premium Funding

Premium funding enables businesses to pay their insurance premiums in easy to manage monthly instalments.

As businesses are faced with increasing financial obligations, we offer a flexible and convenient alternative to paying large insurance premium costs upfront. Avoiding these large lump sum payments, frees up business cash flow for use elsewhere.

How Premium Funding works

Funder pays your insurance premium on your behalf by the due date to the nominated insurer. You then pay the funder in easy to manage monthly instalments. Funding options can be extended to most types of commercial and domestic* insurance policies including Workers Compensation policies.

Benefits of our Premium Funding include:

  • Flexible monthly instalments
  • Multiple payment methods, including direct debit and credit card
  • Able to pay multiple insurance policies with one easy monthly payment
  • Interest repayments may be tax deductible
  • Free up your cash flow to use elsewhere in your business
  • Flexible, non-bank lender with a long history in premium funding