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Fee Funding for Accountants

Fee funding offers solutions to help both you and your clients' cash flow.

Fee funding lets you unlock the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices, while allowing your customers to pay over time.

What is fee funding for accounting firms?

Fee funding is a form of invoice funding, that uses a third-party provider in order to access cash from unpaid invoices/fees. The lender provides the cost of the invoice upfront at a discounted rate of 70%-90%, and the client has time to pay off the invoice when it is due, or in weekly or monthly installments directly to the lender.

The main difference between fee funding for accountants and standard invoice lending is the fact that your clients have the option to pay your invoices in monthly installments to the lender. This also potentially helps to offset some of the costs usually associated with invoice lending, as clients pay interest on their repayments to the lender.

There is also the benefit of outsourcing your debt collection responsibilities.